Oracle® VM

Third-Party Licensing Information for 3.3


January 2015


This document contains third-party software licensing information for Oracle VM Release 3.3.

This document is intended for users, and administrators of Oracle VM. It includes the licenses for third-party products included with Oracle VM Release 3.3.

Document generated on: 2015-01-20 (revision: 4341)

Table of Contents

1 Third-Party Licenses
1.1 Quartz Scheduler
1.2 Apache MINA SSHD
1.3 Open-OVF
1.4 Pexpect
1.5 Python-hashlib
1.6 Python-zope-interface
1.7 Multiprocessing
1.8 Python-twisted-core
1.9 PyYAML
1.10 Unzip
1.11 GPL and LGPL Licenses
A Legal Notices
A.1 Oracle Legal Notices
A.2 DocBook XSL License