Image okv_009.png shows the Advanced page. From top to bottom, left to right, are the following components:The Advanced label

A label Retrieved at least once and non-editable data saying Yes

Under the title Key Usage, a group of check boxes as follows: Decrypt, Encrypt, Generate Cryptogram, Translate Encrypt, Translate Wrap, Validate cryptogram, Derive Key, Export, Translate Decrypt, Translate Unwrap, Unwrap Key, and Wrap Key.

A text box with the label Contact Information.

A pane labeled Names, with an Add Name button.

A pane labeled Custom Attributes, with a table containing the following columns: Name, Type, and Value.

A pane labeled Digests, with a table and columns: Digest Value and Digest Hashing Algo.

A pane labeled Link Details, with current no table or objects.