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Oracle® ZFS Storage Appliance RESTful Application Programming Interface
Oracle Technology Network
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Chapter 1 Overview


Basic Authentication

User Authentication

Session Authentication

API Versions

Service Versions

Common RESTful Operations

HTTP Response Body

HTTP Response Headers

Query Parameters





Chapter 2 Working with the API

Chapter 3 Alert Service Commands

Chapter 4 Analytics Services

Chapter 5 Hardware Services

Chapter 6 Log Commands

Chapter 7 Network Commands

Chapter 8 Problem Service Commands

Chapter 9 Role Service

Chapter 10 SAN Services

Chapter 11 Service Commands

Chapter 12 Storage Services

Chapter 13 System Commands

Chapter 14 User Service

Chapter 15 Workflow Commands

Chapter 16 RESTful Clients

Service Versions

Each service has a version number as part of the Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) to access the service. The version has a major and minor number. Requests must supply the major version number but the minor version number is optional and defaults to a value of "0" if not supplied. The major number must match the major number of the service. The minor number must be less than or equal to the minor number of the service.

Example: A client makes some requests for a service that is running version number “2.1”.

Request Version
F alse - Major number does not match
T rue - Major number matches minor is backwards compatible
T rue - Major and minor numbers match
F alse - Major matches but minor is a newer revision

No service API version changes are required for the following property changes. The appliance version number and model must be used to determine which properties are available. These property changes are also re?ected in the CLI and BUI and are an indication of the capabilities of that ZFSSA instance.  

Since a newer version of a backwards-compatible command can return additional properties, clients should be coded to ignore new properties. The minor number is incremented for backwards-compatible changes to the service API.

The major number is incremented with incompatible changes to the service API.

Major releases of ZFSSA software may include incompatible version changes. There may or may not be older versions of a given service during a major update. Each command response must contain an HTTP header with the current version of the ZFSSA API for a given module:  

X-Zfssa-Nas-Api:  1.1