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Oracle® ZFS Storage Appliance RESTful Application Programming Interface
Oracle Technology Network
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Using This Documentation

Chapter 1 Overview


Basic Authentication

User Authentication

Session Authentication

API Versions

Service Versions

Common RESTful Operations

HTTP Response Body

HTTP Response Headers

Query Parameters





Chapter 2 Working with the API

Chapter 3 Alert Service Commands

Chapter 4 Analytics Services

Chapter 5 Hardware Services

Chapter 6 Log Commands

Chapter 7 Network Commands

Chapter 8 Problem Service Commands

Chapter 9 Role Service

Chapter 10 SAN Services

Chapter 11 Service Commands

Chapter 12 Storage Services

Chapter 13 System Commands

Chapter 14 User Service

Chapter 15 Workflow Commands

Chapter 16 RESTful Clients

HTTP Response Body

All response data is encoded in JSON format as defined by RFC 4627 Unless otherwise specified, commands against a single resource return a single JSON results object with the resource name as a property. Each command section documents which property names are returned in this JSON result object.

Unless otherwise stated, the create (POST) and modify (PUT) commands return the properties of the created or modified resource. The contents should match the values returned by the GET request.

Example Body:

    "resource_name": {
        "href": "path/to/this/resource",
        "property_01": "value_01",
        "property_02": "value_01

Some GET commands return a list of resources.

    "resource_list_name": [
            "href": "path/to/resource_01",
            "property_01": "value_01"
        }, {
            "href": "path/to/resource_02",
            "property_02", "value_02"

Note -  Throughout this document, commands show JSON return results that have been formatted by adding returns and spaces to make it more readable. The actual output does not contain this formatting.