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Oracle® ZFS Storage Appliance RESTful Application Programming Interface
Oracle Technology Network
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Chapter 1 Overview

Chapter 2 Working with the API

Chapter 3 Alert Service Commands

Chapter 4 Analytics Services

Chapter 5 Hardware Services

Chapter 6 Log Commands

Chapter 7 Network Commands

Chapter 8 Problem Service Commands

Chapter 9 Role Service

Chapter 10 SAN Services

Chapter 11 Service Commands

Chapter 12 Storage Services

Storage Pool Operations

List Pools

Get Pool

Configure Pool

Add Storage to a Pool

Pool Scrub

Unconfigure Pool

Project Operations

List Projects

Get Project Properties

Create Project

Modify Project

Delete Project

Project Usage

Filesystem Operations

List Filesystems

Get Filesystem

Create Filesystem

Modify Filesystem

Delete Filesystem

Filesystem Quota and Usage

LUN Operations



Create a New LUN

Modify LUN

Delete Lun

Snapshot and Clone Operations

List Snapshots

Get Snapshot

Create Snapshot

Rename Snapshot

Clone Snapshot

Rollback Snapshot

Delete a Snapshot

List Snapshot Dependents


List Properties

Get Property

Create Property

Modify Property

Delete Property


Get Replication Service

Modify Replication Service State

Replication Targets

List Replication Targets

Get Replication Target

Create Replication Target

Delete Replication Target

Replication Actions

List Replication Actions

Get Replication Action

Create Replication Action

Modify Replication Action

Cancel Update

Send Update

Delete a Replication Action

Replication Packages

List Replication Sources

List Replication Packages

Modify Package

Delete Package

Cancel Update

Clone Package

Sever Package

Reverse Package

Chapter 13 System Commands

Chapter 14 User Service

Chapter 15 Workflow Commands

Chapter 16 RESTful Clients

Create a New LUN

This command creates a new LUN. You must supply a size or a cloning source for the new LUN .

Table 12-21  URI Parameters
Storage pool name
The project name

Request Parameters:

Example Request:

POST /api/storage/v1/pools/gold/projects/proj-01/luns HTTP/1.1
Accept: application/json

Request JSON:
        name : "vol-001",           // Volume name (required)

        size : 500000,              // New Volume size
        blocksize : 8192,           // New Volume block size
        sparse : true,              // New Volume sparse data flag

        initiatorgroup : 'default', // Initiator group name
        targetgroup : 'default',    // Target group name
        lunnumber : 'auto',         // Volume LUN number
        status : 'online',          // Initial Status ('online', 'offline')
        fixednumber : false,

        "source": {
            "snapshot_id" : "76b8950a-8594-4e5b-8dce-0dfa9c696358",
            "snapshot": "/pool-001/local/proj-001/snap-001"

Successful creation returns HTTP Status 201 (Created) with the Location header containing the URI of the new LUN. The body contains all of the LUN properties in JSON format.

Example Results:

HTTP/1.1 201 Created
Content-Type: application/json

    “lun”: {
        "name": "vol-001",