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Oracle® ZFS Storage Appliance RESTful Application Programming Interface
Oracle Technology Network
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Using This Documentation

Chapter 1 Overview

Chapter 2 Working with the API

Chapter 3 Alert Service Commands

Chapter 4 Analytics Services

Chapter 5 Hardware Services

Chapter 6 Log Commands

Chapter 7 Network Commands

Chapter 8 Problem Service Commands

Chapter 9 Role Service

Chapter 10 SAN Services

Chapter 11 Service Commands

Chapter 12 Storage Services

Chapter 13 System Commands

Appliance System Commands

Get Version

Power Off System

Reboot System

Restart System Management

Diagnostic Reboot

Factory Reset

System Support Bundles

Create Support Bundle

List Support Bundles

Get Support Bundle

Cancel Support Bundle

Retry Support Bundle Upload

Upload Support Bundle

Delete Support Bundle

System Updates

List System Updates

Get System Update

Upload System Update



Delete Update Image

Chapter 14 User Service

Chapter 15 Workflow Commands

Chapter 16 RESTful Clients

List Support Bundles

This command lists all support bundles being processed or collected by the system. After a support bundle is uploaded to Oracle Support, the support bundle is removed from the system.

Example Request:

GET /api/system/v1/bundles HTTP/1.1
Authorization: Basic abhadbfsMWE=
Accept: */*

Example Result:

    "bundles": [{
        "status": "building",
        "step_progress": 6.25,
        "srn": "3-0123456789",
        "filename": "/upload/issue/3-0123456789/3-0123456789_ak.ba8ebd55-2349-c31c-cde3-acf3fb0c3389.tar.gz",
        "href": "/api/system/v1/bundles/ba8ebd55-2349-c31c-cde3-acf3fb0c3389",
        "date": "Wed Apr 30 2014 19:31:06 GMT+0000 (UTC)",
        "type": "User initiated",
        "uuid": "ba8ebd55-2349-c31c-cde3-acf3fb0c3389"