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Oracle® ZFS Storage Appliance Administration Guide
Oracle Technology Network
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Chapter 1 Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance Overview

Chapter 2 Status

Chapter 3 Initial Configuration


Performing Initial Configuration Using the BUI

Perform initial configuration

Configuring Management Ports

Performing Initial Configuration Using the CLI

Chapter 4 Network Configuration

Chapter 5 Storage Configuration

Chapter 6 Storage Area Network Configuration

Chapter 7 User Configuration

Chapter 8 Setting ZFSSA Preferences

Chapter 9 Alert Configuration

Chapter 10 Cluster Configuration

Chapter 11 ZFSSA Services

Chapter 12 Shares, Projects, and Schema

Chapter 13 Replication

Chapter 14 Shadow Migration

Chapter 15 CLI Scripting

Chapter 16 Maintenance Workflows

Chapter 17 Integration


Performing Initial Configuration Using the BUI

Initial configuration configures network connectivity, several client network services, and the storage pool layout for standalone operation. When completed, the appliance is ready for use but does no shares configured for remote clients to access. To create shares or revisit settings, see Chapter 12, Shares, Projects, and Schema.

Initial configuration can be repeated at a later time by clicking the "INITIAL SETUP" button on the System in Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance Customer Service Manual screen or by entering the maintenance system setup context in the CLI.

The BUI initial configuration is the preferred method and provides a screen for each of the initial configuration steps.

Figure 3-1  ZFSSA Welcome Page

image:ZFSSA Welcome Page