This figure shows the New Adapter wizard Adapter Configuration page for a JMS out-bound adapter. This dialog contains a Connection group with text fields Event Type, JNDI Provider URL (required), JNDI Factory with default value weblogic.jndi.WLInitialContextFactory, Connection JNDI Name with default value weblogic.jms.ConnectionFactory, and a radio button group with buttons Destination JNDI Name (required when selected) and Destination Name (required when selected). This dialog contains a Security group with text field User and a radio button group with buttons Password and Encrypted Password. The Security group also contains a Connection User text field and a radio button group with buttons Connection Password and Connection Encrypted Password. This dialog contains an Advanced group with check box Session Transacted which is not selected by default and pull down menu Deliver Mode with value persistent selected by default. There are buttons Back, Next, Finish, and Cancel. Only Back and Cancel are active.