This figure shows the Oracle Event Processing IDE for Eclipse Server Overview editor. It contains the following areas: General Information, Automatic Publishing, Timeouts, and Server Properties. The General Information area contains fields Server Name with value Oracle Event Processing v11, Host name with value localhost, and Runtime with pull-down menu value Oracle Event Processing v11. There is an Edit link next to the Runtime field. The Automatic Publishing area contains a radio button group composed of radio buttons Never publish automatically, and Automatically publish when resources change. The Never publish automatically button is selected. Associated with the Automatically publish when resources change radio button is a Publishing interval (in seconds) field with value 15. The Server Properties area contains one radio button group composed of radio buttons Local Server and Remote Server. The Local Server button is selected. The Remote Server radio button is associated with fields Domain Directory with value C:/OracleCEP/user_projects/domains/ocep_domain/defaultserver, Start Script with value C:/OracleCEP/user_projects/domains/ocep_domain/defaultserver/startwlevs.cmd, Stop Script with value C:/OracleCEP/user_projects/domains/ocep_domain/defaultserver/stopwlevs.cmd, User Name with value wlevs, User Password with value wlevs, and Debug Port with value 8453. There is a Browse button next to the Domain Directory, Start Script, and Stop Script fields. The Remote Server radio button is associated with fields Remote Server IP Address with value, Remote Serer Port with value 9002, User Name with value wlevs and User Password with value wlevs.