This figure shows the New Oracle Event Processing v11 Server dialog. It contains a Domain Directory field with value C:/OracleCEP/user_projects/domains/ocep_domain/defaultserver. There is a Browse button next to this field. There is an Advanced button which is selected. There are two areas: Domain Configuration and Server Configuration. The Domain Configuration area contains fields Start Script with value C:/OracleCEP/user_projects/domains/ocep_domain/defaultserver/startwlevs.cmd, Stop Script with value C:/OracleCEP/user_projects/domains/ocep_domain/defaultserver/stopwlevs.cmd, and Debug Port with value 8453. The Server Configuration area contains fields Server Name with value Oracle Event Processing v11, User Name with value wlevs, and User Password with value wlevs. The Server Configuration area also contains a radio button group named Automatic Publishing that contains two radio buttons: Disabled and Use workspace default. The Disabled radio button is selected.