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Oracle® Fusion Middleware Reference Process Models User's Guide for Oracle Application Integration Architecture Foundation Pack
11g Release 1 (

Part Number E17368-07
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2 Modeling Approach and Methodology

This chapter discusses Oracle's approach to business process modeling and analysis, and explains the methodology and organization of process models.

This chapter includes the following sections:

2.1 Oracle's Approach to Business Process Modeling and Analysis (BPA)

Oracle combines the business view of the business analyst with a glimpse of the technical view of the technical analyst. A standard modeling method is used with technical artifacts added to the models at the lowest level of decomposition.

2.2 Methodology and Organization

Oracle uses accepted standard modeling methods and notation and adds Oracle-specific information on the most detailed level of the models. Oracle models:

Oracle has organized its model content using four levels of hierarchical decomposition as shown in Figure 2-1.

Figure 2-1 Hierarchical Organization of Model Content

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Oracle has created many sets of the lowest level models that correspond to particular implementation solutions, as shown in Figure 2-2. AIA provides solutions that join together pieces of application functionality between two or more Oracle product families.

Oracle has also created industry-specific variations of their models for many of the industries that Oracle supports.

Figure 2-2 Multiple Sets of Implementation-Specific Models

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Model Types

Oracle creates and delivers the following types of models:

2.2.1 Authoritative and Guiding Sources for Industry Process Best Practices

The TeleManagement Forum enhanced Telecom Operations Map® (eTOM®) was used as a reference to frame the conceptual levels of the Communications industry business process models.

Oracle continues to determine current external best practice and governing sources and uses them as references to frame and influence our business process models, including:

  • Supply Chain Council (SCOR).

  • Value-Chain Group (VCG).

  • Federal Enterprise Architecture Business Reference Model (FEA).

  • Other external industry best practice sources.