Oracle® Documaker Standard Edition
Version 12.3.0
March 2014

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This release of Oracle Documaker is for multiple platforms.

This file contains the following topics:


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Items Addressed

This release is a cumulative release which includes enhancements and patches released in prior versions; please refer to the release notes and readmes for 12.2 and prior versions for additional items previously addressed. In addition to the following items, there may also be additional product enhancements outlined in the Release Notes which are available on OTN.



There are no specific product changes or BugDB items related to Standard Edition Installation in this patch.

Documaker Core
BugDB# Description
16018381 This patch updates the Oracle Documaker Studio User Guide to include information on setting up and deploying a resource library into tables on DB2 ZOS.
16814815This patch expands the current origin logic to support setting a section relative to the bottom of the page. It also provides support for a “must fit” option; if the section cannot fit on the page, it will not be printed.
16915209This patch provides support to allow the XML print driver (XMP) to write additional XML tags and information to the output files.
17334042This patch fixes the issue where page size is taken into consideration when PDF bursting is performed instead of creating all pages with the default page size.
16886238This patch corrects possible issue with triggering section in case both Search Mask(true/false) and Search Mask(counter)are used.
17588914This patch makes a correction to the LBYSYNC utility so that it does not attempt to update the source library with final values for Mode, Status, Class, and Project, if no values have been specified for those fields in the criteria (/CRIT) parameter.
16621296This patch adds support for generating and printing Australia Post Bar Code.
16432573This patch fixes an issue in DMStudio where a bad JDBC handler connection string could cause DMStudio to crash.
17382321This patch allows the use of an alternate method when converting a PDF to a bitmap. It also allows for the specification of the conversion color depth (24 - the previous default, 8 - the current default, or 1) when converting TIFs, PDFs and other supported formats.
16926231This patch corrects a problem where bypass checking on next page available space in GroupPagination for some legacy MRL where headers are listed after footers.
16318181This patch addresses an issue about splitting the sections dynamically. Sections that are split during batch via the CanSplitImage rule will now be recognized during Entry. During Entry, such sections will attempt to reassemble and resplit when moved, due to other sections that grow or shrink.
16487094This patch a corrects RCBMapFromINI / RecipMap2GVM where the GVM value would not be updated if the GVM had an data type other than CHAR_ARRAY.
16356348This patch corrects a GenArc issue where library resources are not successfully loaded during archive processing.
16835218This Patch provides Multiline fields to be mapped through rule or assigned data via a typical Import method and that supports Unicode content.
16687244This patch fixes a problem where the AddMultipageBitmap section rule would sometimes fail when the source of the bitmap to be added was a PDF file.
16901064This patch corrects a problem where the font information from a previous field may override the font information for the current field during XML import.
17458033This patch corrects file closure and corruption/memory leak issues in the MergeWip and GenPrint rules. It also addresses an issue where using an XML print driver along with the GVM2GVM or WIPTransactions rule may cause a fatal error.

Documaker Studio & Utilities
BugDB# Description
16484767This patch corrects a Documaker Studio Data Entry Check problem that can occur when you use the standard Oracle ODBC driver to access a Studio workspace whose library tables are stored in an Oracle DBMS.
17569746This patch corrects a DM Studio Conversion Manager crash that can occur when converting a Word document that contains a graphic as its first item.
18048750This patch corrects a Documaker Studio Trigger (DAL) preview issue in which the down arrow key does not move from resource to resource in the library grid.
18111339This patch corrects a Documaker Studio Section Manager issue that can occur when creating a field that uses a Unicode font. When a field Type of "Date" was chosen, the Format, Year size, and Letter case fields could not be changed.
16782369This patch fixes a problem where Paragraph names in a selection list were limited to 40 characters. The new name length is the same as the library name length, currently 100 characters.
17790244This patch corrects a Document Factory processing error that can occur after a print error that results in the creation of PUBS table row with an empty PUBOUTBLOB. Subsequent batches may fail with the SQL error ORA-22275: Invalid LOB locator.

Documaker Desktop

There are no specific product changes or BugDB items related to Documaker Desktop in this release.

Documaker Add-In for Microsoft Word

There are no specific product changes or BugDB items related to the Documaker Add-In for Microsoft Word in this release.

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