Oracle® Documaker Docupresentment
Version 2.6.0
March 2014

This ReadMe accompanies the following Oracle products for Oracle Solaris SPARC, AIX, Microsoft Windows, and Linux x86 operating systems:

This file contains the following topics:


The documentation for Oracle Insurance products, including Oracle Documaker, is available from the Oracle Technology Network site under Oracle Insurance:

The Oracle Documaker Documentation Libraries include the following reference materials:

Items Addressed

This release is a cumulative release which includes enhancements and patches released in prior versions; please refer to the release notes and readmes for 12.3 and prior versions for additional items previously addressed. This list may include previous fixes and enhancements that were applied to Documaker components, but may not relate directly to the sample MRLs and additional updates within other products within the suite may impact the behavior of the MRLs.
In addition to the following items there may also be additional product enhancements outlined in the Release Notes which are available on OTN.



There are no specific product changes or BugDB items related to Docupresentment 2.6.0 in this patch being released with Documaker 12.3.0.

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