Oracle® Secure Global Desktop

User Guide for Release 5.2

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Oracle Documentation License

April 2015


Table of Contents

1 Audience
2 Document Organization
3 Related Documents
4 Conventions
1 Using Oracle Secure Global Desktop
1.1 Logging In
1.1.1 User Names and Passwords
1.1.2 How to Log In to SGD
1.1.3 Security Warning Messages
1.2 The SGD Workspace
1.2.1 Menu Bar
1.2.2 Applications Area
1.2.3 Printing Area
1.2.4 Information Area
1.3 Using Applications
1.3.1 Running Applications
1.3.2 Suspending and Resuming Applications
1.3.3 Changing the Way an Application is Displayed
1.3.4 Copying Information Between Applications
1.3.5 Running Applications Using a Different User Name and Password
1.3.6 Using a Single-Button Apple Macintosh Mouse
1.4 Printing
1.4.1 Managing Your Print Jobs
1.4.2 Printing From UNIX Platform Applications
1.4.3 Printing From Windows Applications
1.4.4 PDF Printing
1.4.5 Printing Troubleshooting
1.5 Changing Your Settings
1.5.1 Client Settings
1.5.2 Application Groups
1.5.3 Password Preferences
1.6 Using My Desktop
1.7 Logging Out of the SGD Workspace
2 Using a Tablet Device
2.1 Using Gestures and the On-Screen Keyboard
2.1.1 Displaying the On-Screen Keyboard
2.1.2 Using an External Keyboard
2.2 Logging In Using a Tablet Device
2.3 The Tablet Workspace
2.4 Running Applications on a Tablet Device
2.4.1 Starting an Application
2.4.2 Using the Application Toolbars
2.4.3 Suspending and Resuming Applications
2.4.4 Copy and Pasting Between Applications
2.4.5 Printing From an Application
2.4.6 Closing Down an Application
2.5 Changing Your Settings on a Tablet Device
2.6 Limitations of Using the Tablet Workspace
2.7 Logging Out on a Tablet Device
2.8 Using the Tablet Workspace on a Desktop Computer
A Installing the SGD Client Manually
A.1 Installing the SGD Client
A.1.1 How to Install the SGD Client Manually on Microsoft Windows Platforms
A.1.2 How to Install the SGD Client Manually on Oracle Solaris and Linux Platforms
A.1.3 How to Install the SGD Client Manually on Mac OS X Platforms
A.2 Starting the SGD Client
A.2.1 How to Configure the SGD Client
B Advanced Configuration
B.1 Client Settings
B.1.1 Changing the Login Page URL
B.1.2 Changing the Language
B.1.3 Changing Proxy Settings
B.1.4 Specifying an Alternative PDF Viewer
B.2 Printing
B.2.1 Configuring Your Client Printers
B.3 Accessing the Drives on Your Computer
B.3.1 Using Removable Drives
C Profile Settings
C.1 Description of Profile Settings