closing, Do I Lose My Work If I Close My Browser?
Java technology-enabled, How to Log In to SGD
JavaScript-enabled, How to Log In to SGD


desktops, full screen, Using My Desktop
diagnostics information, Menu Bar


error messages
when starting an application, What If I Get an Error Message When Starting an Application?


gestures, Using Gestures and the On-Screen Keyboard
glossary of terms, Glossary
creating, Application Groups
Guest user, User Name


Info button, Menu Bar
Information area, Information Area
Initial Connection dialog, How to Log In to SGD


Java technology-enabled web browser, How to Log In to SGD
JavaScript, How to Log In to SGD


Menu bar, Menu Bar
My Desktop, Using My Desktop


passwords, Logging In
preferences, Password Preferences
saving, Password Preferences
pasting, Copying Information Between Applications
PDF printing, PDF Printing
changing the default viewer, Specifying an Alternative PDF Viewer
Potentially Unsafe Connection, Potentially Unsafe Connection Message
managing print jobs, Managing Your Print Jobs
PDF files, PDF Printing
troubleshooting problems with, Printing Troubleshooting
UNIX platform applications, Printing From UNIX Platform Applications
user configuration, Printing
Windows applications, Printing From Windows Applications
Printing area, Printing Area
proxy settings, changing, Changing Proxy Settings


scalable windows, Changing the Way an Application is Displayed
secure connections, Secure Connection Status
glossary of terms, Glossary
introduction, Using Oracle Secure Global Desktop
logging out, Logging Out of the SGD Workspace
splash screen, How to Log In to SGD
SGD Client
manual install, Installing the SGD Client Manually
shared accounts
closing the browser, Do I Lose My Work If I Close My Browser?
workspace username, User Name
splash screen, How to Log In to SGD
SSL connections, Secure Connection Status
standard connections, Secure Connection Status
suspending applications, Number of Instances of an Application, Suspending and Resuming Applications


Universal PDF Printer printer, PDF Printing
Universal PDF Viewer printer, PDF Printing
user names, Logging In, User Name


Windows applications, Printing From Windows Applications
adding applications, Applications Area
application start links, Running Applications
Applications area, Applications Area
Information area, Information Area
introduction, The SGD Workspace
Menu bar, Menu Bar
password saved message, Password Preferences
Printing area, Printing Area
user name, User Name