B.1 Client Settings

You can change some of the following settings for your SGD Client:

  • Login page URL

  • Language

  • Proxy settings

  • PDF viewer

To display the Client Settings tab, you click the Edit button in the Applications area of the workspace. You can only edit client settings for the SGD server you are currently connected to.


Your SGD Administrator determines if you are allowed to change your own client settings.

Client settings are not available if you are using the tablet workspace.

B.1.1 Changing the Login Page URL

You use the Login URL setting to specify the location of the login page on the SGD server.

The Login URL is usually https://server.example.com/sgd/index.jsp, where server.example.com is the name of an SGD server.

B.1.2 Changing the Language

You use the Preferred Language setting to specify the language used for the login page and on-screen messages.

B.1.3 Changing Proxy Settings

You use the settings in the Proxy section of the Client Settings tab to specify the proxy servers used by the SGD Client.

The default setting is to use the same proxy server settings as your browser. But you can enter manual settings for an HTTP proxy server.

B.1.4 Specifying an Alternative PDF Viewer

When printing PDF files on UNIX, Linux, and Mac OS X platform computers, the PDF file is normally displayed using the default PDF viewer for the computer.

You can override this by specifying another PDF viewer for the Alternative PDF Viewer setting. Enter the application command for the alternative PDF viewer. If the application is not on your PATH, enter the full path name for the application.