A program running on a server. SGD lets you access your applications using a browser on any computer.


Software you run on your computer to access SGD. For example, Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox.


Provides access to documents and applications on your workspace. Usually an icon with a label.


A secret set of characters that, together with your user name, proves your identity to a server. You can have different passwords, and user names, on different servers.


A group of configuration settings that control the SGD Client.


A computer, or software, that provides services to other computers. The SGD server enables you to see your workspace. Other servers might run the applications that are listed on your workspace.

SGD Administrators

The people who can configure SGD, put links on user's workspaces and set up applications.

SGD server

The SGD software you log in to using your browser to see your workspace.

single sign-on

Feature which allows access to multiple systems by using a single login. This means you do not have to enter your user name and password more than once.

user name

The unique name by which servers identify you. You can have different user names on different servers.


The special web page you see when you log in to SGD. The workspace provides access to your applications and desktops. In previous releases, this was called a webtop.