2.2 Logging In Using a Tablet Device

Security warning messages may be different on a tablet device, compared to when you use a desktop computer, and the user experience is changed.

Before you log in to SGD ensure that JavaScript software and cookies are enabled for your browser.


You do not have to enable Java technology in your browser when using a tablet device.

  1. Using your browser, go to the SGD login URL.

    The SGD login URL is usually https://server.example.com/sgd, where server.example.com is the name of the SGD server.

  2. Enter your SGD user name and password.

    Tap in a field on the login dialog to show the on-screen keyboard.

  3. Tap Login to log in to SGD.

    While SGD is starting up the Client Setup dialog is displayed, showing the progress of the login process. See Figure 2.2, “Client Setup Dialog, Shown When Logging In”.

    Figure 2.2 Client Setup Dialog, Shown When Logging In

    Client Setup dialog shown when logging in to SGD

  4. (Optional) Install the SGD server certificate on the browser.

    This step is usually only needed the first time that you log in to SGD. The process varies, according to the type of tablet you are using.

    On Android platforms. The certificate can be installed after logging in, using a link on the Info page on the tablet workspace. See Section 2.3, “The Tablet Workspace”.

    On iOS platforms. The steps to install the certificate are as follows:

    1. The Install Server Certificate dialog is shown. See Figure 2.3, “Install Server Certificate Dialog”.

      Figure 2.3 Install Server Certificate Dialog

      Certificate Install dialog shown when logging in to SGD


      Depending on how your Administrator has configured SGD, you may not always see this prompt.

    2. Tap Install Server Certificate on the Install Server Certificate screen.

      Details of the security certificate are shown. If the certificate details are correct, tap Install to install the security certificate on the browser.

    3. A confirmation dialog indicates that the certificate has been installed. See Figure 2.4, “Certificate Install Confirmation Dialog, Shown on iOS Devices”.

      Figure 2.4 Certificate Install Confirmation Dialog, Shown on iOS Devices

      Certificate install confirmation dialog, shown on iOS devices

  5. The tablet workspace is displayed. See Section 2.3, “The Tablet Workspace”.


    The SGD Client icon is not shown on the client device. When you are using a tablet device, the SGD Client software is not downloaded and installed on the client device.