1.6 Using My Desktop

My Desktop is a feature that enables you to log in and display a full-screen desktop application, without displaying your workspace.

My Desktop displays the desktop application configured for you by an SGD Administrator, for example, a Microsoft Windows desktop.

You start My Desktop by clicking the My Desktop link on the SGD web server Welcome page, at https://server.example.com. This link displays the SGD Login page. Once you have logged in, the My Desktop full-screen desktop application is displayed.

An alternative way to start My Desktop is by going to https://server.example.com/sgd/mydesktop.

After starting My Desktop, you can close the browser window.


You cannot suspend or resume your My Desktop application. You must log out of the desktop application as normal.

If you have paused print jobs, a message which enables you to resume printing is displayed in the browser window when you log in.