2.5 Changing Your Settings on a Tablet Device


Profile settings are not available for tablet devices.

The following settings are available when using the tablet workspace:

Table 2.6 Tablet Settings for SGD



Keyboard Extender

Displays additional keys for the on-screen keyboard.

See Section 2.1.1, “Displaying the On-Screen Keyboard”.

Show Cursors

When you tap in the application, a mouse cursor is shown, instead of the tablet cursor.

Remote Input Locale

Sets the language used by the keyboard on the tablet device. The same language is used automatically for the SGD application.

Changes made to this setting take effect for new application sessions only.

Toolbar Color

Sets the color of the application toolbars.

The Automatic option adjusts the toolbar color automatically to suit the displayed application.

Client Information

Shows client details, such as a Unique Device Identifier (UDID) string which identifies your tablet device, the SGD server it is connected to, and the locale setting used by the tablet device.


Describes the gestures that you can use with SGD applications.