Chapter 2 Using a Tablet Device

When you use a tablet device such as an iPad or Android device to log in to Secure Global Desktop (SGD), the user experience is slightly different compared to when you use a desktop computer.

On a tablet device the workspace, called the tablet workspace, may look different and how you interact with applications is changed. You can use gestures and the on-screen keyboard on the tablet device to enter text, navigate the workspace, and start applications. Toolbars are available for interacting with applications.

You can also use the tablet workspace on some desktop computers. See Section 2.8, “Using the Tablet Workspace on a Desktop Computer”.


Some features of SGD may be unavailable when using the tablet workspace. See Section 2.6, “Limitations of Using the Tablet Workspace”.

This chapter describes the features that are changed when you use the tablet workspace. Chapter 1, Using Oracle Secure Global Desktop describes how to use SGD on a desktop computer.