Chapter 4 Automating Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance Service Requests

Table of Contents

4.1 Understanding Oracle Auto Service Request (ASR)
4.2 ASR Prerequisites
4.3 Installing ASR Manager
4.4 Activating ASR Assets
4.4.1 Activating Compute Nodes
4.4.2 Activating InfiniBand Switches
4.4.3 Activating ASR on the ZFS Storage Appliance

Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance is qualified for Oracle Auto Service Request (ASR). ASR is a software feature for support purposes. It is integrated with My Oracle Support and helps resolve problems faster by automatically opening service requests when specific hardware failures occur. Using ASR is optional: the components are available in the Release 1.1 software image but they must be installed and configured in order to enable ASR for your appliance.

For the latest information about installing Oracle Auto Service Request (ASR) on Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance, refer to the support note with Doc ID 1645856.1.


Oracle Auto Service Request (ASR) must be installed by an authorized Oracle Field Engineer. Request installation of ASR at the time of system install. Installation at a later date will be a Time and Materials charge.

Oracle is continuously analyzing and improving the ASR fault rules to enhance the Oracle support experience. This includes adding, modifying and removing rules to focus on actionable events from ASR assets while filtering non-actionable events. For up-to-date fault coverage details, please refer to the Oracle Auto Service Request documentation page: