6.11 Using a Custom CA Certificate for SSL Encryption

By default, Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance and Oracle VM Manager use a self-signed SSL certificate. While it serves to provide SSL encryption for all HTTP traffic, it is recommended that you obtain and install your own custom trusted certificate from a well-known and recognized Certificate Authority (CA).

Both the Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance Dashboard and the Oracle VM Manager web interface run on Oracle WebLogic Server. Oracle WebLogic Server provides the functionality to update the digital certificate and keystore. To add your own trusted CA certificate and keystore, see the procedures set out in the Oracle WebLogic documentation:


Each Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance management node runs its own instance of Oracle WebLogic Server. You must apply the same changes separately to the master and standby management node.

Accessing the Oracle WebLogic Server Administration Console

  1. In your browser, enter the address https://IP:7002/console .

    In the address, IP refers to the IP address that you have configured for each of the management nodes during installation.

  2. Log in with the user name weblogic and the global password. [6]

    If you have already changed the default password, enter the password you configured by following the instructions in Section 6.9, “Changing Oracle WebLogic Server Passwords”.