6.7 Enabling Compute Node IPMI in Oracle VM Manager

Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance controller software Release 1.1.1 and later automatically configures the Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) for all compute nodes in Oracle VM Manager. Compute nodes provisioned and discovered in an earlier release do not have IPMI enabled in Oracle VM Manager. If compute nodes are shut down and have no IPMI configured, they must be powered on by pressing the power button on the front panel of the server. To be able to control the power status of compute nodes remotely, you may add their IPMI configuration manually by following the instructions in this section.


The compute node's IPMI is the built-in Oracle Integrated Lights Out Manager (ILOM). Its default user name is root ; the default password is Welcome1 . Look up the ILOM IP in the Hardware View of the Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance Dashboard: roll the mouse over the compute node in question and note the IP address in the pop-up window.

Configuring IPMI for Compute Nodes

  1. Log in to the Oracle VM Manager UI.

    For details, see Section 3.2, “Logging in to the Oracle VM Manager Web UI”.

  2. Go to the Servers and VMs tab.

  3. In the navigation pane, select the compute node you wish to control through the IPMI.

    In the toolbar, click Edit Server.

  4. In the Edit Server dialog box, go to the IPMI tab.

  5. In the IPMI tab, make the following changes:

    • Select the Enable Server IPMI and Change IPMI Password check boxes.

    • Enter the administrative User Name and Password in the respective fields.

    • Enter the IP Address for the IPMI of this compute node.

  6. Click OK. The compute node configuration in Oracle VM Manager is updated.