Additional Details for Selective Adoption Strategies

Consider customizations, regression testing, and scheduling impacts when creating your Selective Adoption strategy

PeopleSoft Selective Adoption

Oracle's PeopleSoft Selective Adoption changes the way you maintain your PeopleSoft applications. New features and maintenance are delivered on a regular basis, and you determine what to apply and when to apply it.

See PeopleSoft Selective Adoption for the full story and recommended guidelines for getting the most out of your PeopleSoft applications.

This page provides additional details to incorporate into your Selective Adoption strategy.

Customization Guidelines

PeopleSoft enables you to tailor the applications to meet your needs, such as customizing business processes, pages, business rules, workflows, data structures and more. Your Selective Adoption strategy should consider how these customizations impact the ease with which you apply new features and maintenance.

Follow these guidelines:

  • Prioritize configuration over customization. Configurations are stored with application data instead of PeopleTools data. New features, such as related actions, related content, pivot grids, dashboards, and WorkCenters can all be configured.
  • Focus on high-value, low-cost customizations, like new records, components, and pages.
  • Avoid customizing existing PeopleTools objects, which could make applying maintenance to the objects more costly and time consuming. Instead of customizing existing objects, add new PeopleCode, components, pages, and other PeopleTools objects.
  • Replace customizations when similar functionality becomes available with new delivered features from PeopleSoft.
  • Track all customizations and import them into new PeopleSoft Update images to identify impacts on new features and maintenance.

Regression Testing Guidelines

Regression testing is critical to ensure that new features and fixes don't impact the system in unexpected areas. Because Selective Adoption encourages you to apply new features and maintenance more frequently than in the past, automated regression test scripts are essential.

Creating regression tests can be time-consuming. Start with simple tests in areas of the system that are relatively static. Gradually work up to areas that are more complex and dynamic.

You can use any regression testing tools, but PeopleSoft Test Framework is specifically designed to work with PeopleTools. With PeopleSoft Test Framework, testers can:

  • Record and play back online use of PeopleSoft systems.
  • Manipulate tests, identify expected results, and report on any test failures.

See the PeopleSoft Test Framework online help for instructions and best practices.

Scheduling Guidelines

With Selective Adoption, you'll be scheduling a variety of small, targeted projects and larger projects that require more time and resources. You might be running multiple projects at the same time.

You have flexibility in how you schedule projects. For example, you might apply maintenance and new features at the same time or at different times. You might stagger products to get current at different times.

Follow these guidelines:

  • Build in time for regression testing.
  • Don't apply maintenance to products you don't use.
  • Schedule projects based on the availability of resources, rather than on the availability of Update Images. (In some cases this is not possible, such as when tax maintenance availability is directly tied to the image.)
  • Begin each project with the latest Update Image and continue using the same Update Image until the project is completed.
  • When running multiple projects concurrently, follow appropriate rules for selecting and applying change packages.