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Unbreakable Linux Network User's Guide

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June 2017

Table of Contents

1 The Unbreakable Linux Network
1.1 About the Unbreakable Linux Network
1.2 About ULN Channels
1.3 About Software Errata
1.4 Registering as a ULN User
1.5 Registering an Oracle Linux 6 or Oracle Linux 7 System
1.6 Registering an Oracle Linux 4 or Oracle Linux 5 System
1.7 Configuring an Oracle Linux 5 System to Use yum with ULN
1.8 Disabling Package Updates
1.9 Subscribing Your System to ULN Channels
1.10 Browsing and Downloading Errata Packages
1.11 Downloading Available Errata for a System
1.12 Updating System Details
1.13 Deleting a System
1.14 About CSI Administration
1.14.1 Becoming a CSI Administrator
1.14.2 Listing Active CSIs and Transferring Their Registered Servers
1.14.3 Listing Expired CSIs and Transferring Their Registered Servers
1.14.4 Removing a CSI Administrator
1.15 Switching from RHN to ULN
1.16 For More Information About ULN
2 Yum
2.1 About Yum
2.2 Yum Configuration
2.2.1 Configuring Use of a Proxy Server
2.2.2 Yum Repository Configuration
2.3 Using Yum from the Command Line
2.4 Downloading and Importing a GPG Key
2.5 Yum Groups
2.6 Installing and Using the Yum Security Plugin
2.7 Creating and Using a Local ULN Mirror
2.7.1 Prerequisites for the Local ULN Mirror
2.7.2 Setting up a Local ULN Mirror
2.7.3 ULN Mirror Configuration
2.7.4 Updating the Repositories on a Local ULN Mirror
2.7.5 Configuring yum on a Local ULN Mirror
2.7.6 Configuring Oracle Linux Yum Clients of a Local ULN Mirror
2.8 For More Information About Yum
A ULN Channels
A.1 Oracle Linux 5 Channels
A.2 Oracle Linux 6 Channels
A.3 Oracle Linux 7 Channels
A.4 Oracle VM 2.1 Channels
A.5 Oracle VM 2.2 Channels
A.6 Oracle VM 3 Channels