29.1.1 Virtualization Packages

Oracle Linux provides several virtualization packages that enable you work with KVM. You can use the yum command to install whichever virtualization packages suit your needs. Refer to the man pages or appropriate documentation for each virtualization package that you install. See also the following documentation for more information:

In most cases, the following packages are the minimally required for a virtualization host:

  • libvirt: This package provides an interface to KVM, as well as the libvirtd daemon for managing guest virtual machines.

  • qemu-kvm: This package installs the QEMU emulator that performs hardware virtualization so that guests can access host CPU and other resources.

As an alternative to installing virtualization packages individually, you can install virtualization package groups.

The Virtualization Host package group contains the minimum set of packages required for a virtualization host. If your Oracle Linux system includes a GUI environment, you can also choose to install the Virtualization Client package group.


Use the yum groupinfo command to find out which packages are included in a group:

# yum groupinfo "Virtualization Host"