3.3 Text-Based Installations

The installation program can also run in text mode. Text mode is used automatically, for example, if the system has insufficient memory or the video card is not supported. Alternatively, you can explicitly request text mode using a boot option or a kickstart option. When a text-based installation is used, a menu of options is displayed similar to the graphical installation.

Figure 3.1 Text-Based Installation

The image shows the Installation menu for a text-based installation.

The text-based installation menu does not include all of the configuration options available in graphical installations. In particular, you can only use automatic disk partitioning and select a base environment. If you want more control over the installation, you can perform a remote graphical installation using VNC (see Section 3.1, “Installation Boot Options”) or use a kickstart file (see Section 3.2, “Automated Installation Using Kickstart”). After installation, the system starts in text mode even if a graphical desktop is selected as the base environment.