20 Running Reports

You can use the reporting feature of Oracle Identity Manager to create various types of reports in multiple formats. For detailed information about Oracle Identity Manager Reports, see "Using Reporting Features" in Oracle Fusion Middleware Administering Oracle Identity Manager.

This chapter describes how to run reports in Oracle Identity Manager. It contains the following sections:

20.1 Running Oracle Identity Manager Reports

To run a report:

  1. Start Oracle Identity Manager Reports. See "Starting Oracle Identity Manager Reports" in Oracle Fusion Middleware Administering Oracle Identity Manager for information about starting Oracle Identity Manager Reports.

  2. Login to BI Publisher by using your Oracle Identity Manager system administrator credentials by navigating to the following URL:


    The default port for BI Publisher server is 9704.

  3. Expand Shared Folders.

  4. Expand Oracle Identity Manager Reports to display the reports classified according to their functional areas.

  5. To view a report:

    1. In the left menu, select the report functional area, for example, Access Policy Reports.

    2. On the right side page, under the desired report, for example Access Policy Details, click Open.

    The Report Input Parameters page is displayed. This page displays the input parameters that must be provided to run a report. The report input parameters act as a filter criterion.

    In some cases, at least one or more parameter fields are required fields. Some reports do not require any input parameter. If this is not the case, then you must populate at least one of the fields to run a report.


    If you leave the input parameter field blank, and then click Apply, then all the information associated with the report is displayed.
  6. Enter the information required to identify what information the report contains.

  7. Click Apply to run the report.

    The report is displayed.

20.2 Running Policy Violation Reports

For information about running identity audit policy violation reports, see "Generating Identity Audit Policy Violation Reports".