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Troubleshooting Network Administration Issues in Oracle® Solaris 11.3

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Updated: December 2017

Troubleshooting Issues When Adding a Persistent Route

The route command is used to manage the network routing tables. Use the –p option to ensure that any changes you make to the network routing tables persist across system reboots..

Note -  It is important to use care when adding persistent routes to make sure that any routes that are being added do not conflict with the existing persistent configuration.

Check whether a route already exists in the persistent configuration as follows:.

# route -p show
persistent: route add default -ifp net0

If the route already exists in the persistent configuration, the information in the network routing tables (which is not persistent configuration) might differ from the persistent configuration.

The following example illustrates this point further. In this example, an attempt is made to add a persistent route to net1. However, the command fails because a persistent route already exists for net0, per the previous example's output.

# route -p add default -ifp net1
add net default: gateway
add persistent net default: gateway entry exists
Warning: persistent route might not be consistent with routing table.

Running the route –p show command again reveals that the persistent route did not change and is still configured for net0, as shown in the following output:

# route -p show
persistent: route add default -ifp net0

However, the command did change the routing tables in the kernel to use net1, as shown in the following output:

# netstat -nr

Routing Table: IPv4
  Destination           Gateway           Flags  Ref     Use Interface
-------------------- -------------------- ----- ----- ---------- ---------
default             UG        2          1 net1        U         3          0 net1              UH        2        466 lo0 

Therefore, it is always best to delete any existing persistent route configuration prior to adding a new route. See Creating Persistent (Static) Routes in Configuring and Managing Network Components in Oracle Solaris 11.3 for more information.