audit mode

A mode in Table Design Aid that displays a read-only view of the default columns in a table that is being audited.

audit table

A table that is created to store audit information when auditing is turned on for a particular table.

business service

EnterpriseOne business logic written in Java. A business service is a collection of one or more artifacts. Unless specified otherwise, a business service implies both a published business service and a business service.

electronic signature

A recorded signature used for auditing that consists of the user ID and password of the approver of a transaction. You can configure electronic signatures for an application only if auditing has been enabled for the same application.

media objects

Text, graphics, and other types of objects that you can attach to forms and records in EnterpriseOne applications using the EnterpriseOne Media Objects feature.

processing option

A data structure that enables users to supply parameters that regulate the running of a batch program or report. For example, you can use processing options to specify default values for certain fields, to determine how information appears or is printed, to specify date ranges, to supply runtime values that regulate program execution, and so on.

published business service

EnterpriseOne service level logic and interface. A classification of a published business service indicating the intention to be exposed to external (non-EnterpriseOne) systems.

reason code

A code that is used to denote the reason for an electronic signature approval.