C Business Services Framework Javadoc

This appendix contains the following topics:

C.1 Understanding Business Services Framework Javadoc

Javadoc is a tool that parses the declarations and documentation comments in a set of Java source files and produces a corresponding set of HTML pages. The Javadoc for the business services framework (foundation packages) is generated during the package build process, and it is included in your software delivery. You can use the following path on your deployment server to access the Javadoc files:


You also view the machine-generated documentation in HTML format by extracting the contents of the SBFJavadoc.jar file. This is an example of the path you would follow to access the jar file:


C.2 Reviewing Business Services Framework Javadoc from JDeveloper

You can review business services foundation classes from within JDeveloper for all business services projects.

To review a foundation class within JDeveloper:

  1. In JDeveloper, select a business service.

    Figure C-1 Access Business Services Foundation Javadoc from JDeveloper

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  2. In the JDeveloper editor pane, right-click on a foundation business service class name, and then click Go to Javadoc from the context menu, as shown in the preceding diagram.

    Other examples of foundation business service class names are PublishedBusinessService (which must be extended by every published business service) and BusinessServiceException.

The following example shows the foundation Javadoc.

Figure C-2 Business Services Foundation Javadoc

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