22 Understanding Hot Keys

Hot keys are key stroke combinations, such as CTRL+ALT+V to save, that users can use instead of a mouse click to perform a Button Clicked event. In a JD Edwards EnterpriseOne application, most hot keys are reserved for system use.

This chapter contains the following topics:

22.1 System-Defined Push Button Hot Keys

There is a set of push button hot keys that are created by the system when you use any of certain predefined text strings on a push button.

See "Understanding Hot Keys" in the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Tools Form Design Aid Guide.

22.2 System-Defined Toolbar Button Hot Keys

There is another set of push button hot keys that are created by the system in JD Edwards EnterpriseOne forms.

Click on the 'i' button on any open JD Edwards EntperiseOne form to open the information dialog. Then, click on Display list of all hotkeys to obtain the list of hotkeys supported by the software.

22.3 Application-Defined Hot Keys

The hot keys that you can define in your applications are:











22.4 Defining a Hot Key in Your Application

To define a hot key, insert an ampersand before the letter that you want to set as the hot key in the Title property for the button that will have the hot key. You can set the definition from either the properties dialog or from the properties panel. The letter you define is then underlined in your application. Hot keys are governed by these rules:

  • You can define only one hot key for a button.

  • You cannot use the same hot key on more than one button in the same form or subform.

  • You cannot use a reserved hot key (any that is not in the list of application-defined hot keys).

  • You cannot insert more than one ampersand in the same button title.

  • You must check the Hot Key property for an exit definition only. Hot keys are enabled by default for push buttons.

When you use the properties dialog to define the hot key and violate one of these rules, the system displays an error message and does not save the definition. However, when you use the properties panel to define the hot key, and violate a rule, no error message box is displayed. FDA ignores your definition (it is not saved).