26 Understanding Push Button Controls

This chapter contains the following topics:

26.1 Push Button Controls

Use a push button to initiate an action or a set of actions. You can designate a single push button to be the one that is activated when the user presses Enter by enabling the Default Pushbutton property.

Message forms have a push button on them by default. The button is configurable.

Subforms and message forms do not have a tool bar; instead, users must use push buttons. The push buttons behave the same as the standard push buttons for other form types.

26.2 Push Button Events

These events are the only ones that can fire when the user clicks a push button:

  • Button Clicked

  • Post Button Clicked

  • Post Button Clicked - Asynch

The first two always fire when a user clicks a button, and they fire in succession. That is, Post Button Clicked fires after runtime executes any logic that might exist on Button Clicked. Post Button Clicked - Asynch fires only when the button is an OK button.