6 Work Center CafeOne Application (Release 9.2.1)

This chapter contains the following topics:

6.1 Understanding the Work Center CafeOne Application

UX One combines the latest advancements of the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne user experience, centering around the Alert, Analyze, Act design principles. Alert, Analyze, Act enables users to work the way they want and be more efficient.

The Work Center CafeOne application is a role-based solution that have been created and delivered across the broad portfolio of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne products.

You use the Work Center CafeOne application to connect to the Work Center using CafeOne layouts.

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Applications connected to the Work Center using CafeOne layouts:

  • Work With Batches (P0011)

  • View Job Status (P986110B)


The Work Center (P012503X) can only be use with the CafeOne Application.

6.2 Setting up Work Center (P012503X) Using CafeOne Application

You have different options to set up the Work Center (P012503X) with CafeOne.

  1. Access the application you are going to connect to the Work Center (P012503X) through CafeOne.

  2. Click the Personalize Form icon and select Edit Form Layout under Personalization.

  3. Select Create Link to EnterpriseOne Application.

  4. Type P012503X in the Application field.

    Figure 6-1 Create Link to EnterpriseOne Application

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  5. Select Dynamic Link to display Parameters Data Structure definitions and select the Parameters, Operations, and Parameter Values.

    Figure 6-2 Parameters Data Structure

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  6. Set up input variables to convey the error messages you want to display.

    The following table displays different input variables setups.

Application Report Name Version Exact Match Work Center Input 1 Length Justification Work Center Input 2 Length Justification Work Center Input 3 Length Justification
P03B11Z1 R03B11Z1A     EDUS (User ID) 10 L EDBT (Batch Number) 15 L EDTN (Transaction Number) 22 L
P47010 R47011   Y EDOC (Document Number n/a n/a            
P47040 R470412   Y EDOC (Document Number n/a n/a            
P0411Z1 R04110ZA     EDUS - (User ID) 10 L EDBT (Batch Number) 15 L EDTN (Transaction Number) 22 L
P0911Z1 R09110Z     EDUS (User ID) 10 L EDBT (Batch Number) 15 L EDTN (Transaction Number) 22 L

Examples of different report setups

  • OBNM Report

    Surrounding text describes input_var_samplea.png.
  • R09801 Report

    Surrounding text describes input_var_sampleb.png.
  • R03B11Z1A Report

    Surrounding text describes input_var_samplec.png.
  • R47011 Report

    Surrounding text describes input_var_sampled.png.

6.3 Example on How to Set Up Input View Using the CafeOne Application

Access the application you are going to connect to the Work Center through CafeOne and complete the following settings.

  1. Report Name – The name of the report that was ran and created the errors the user will view.

    Surrounding text describes cafe_input_viewa.png.
  2. Version – The version of the report that was ran. If you leave this field blank, the system uses all versions.

    Surrounding text describes cafe_input_viewb.png.
  3. Exact Match – Valid values are blank or Y. If set this field to Y, the Work Center Input 1-8 values must match the template value in F001131M or no records will be displayed.

    Surrounding text describes cafe_input_viewc.png.
  4. Work Center Input 1 – 8 – The value from the application to potentially be concatenated with other Input values to create a string for the Template Value in F01131M.

    1. P0011

      Surrounding text describes cafe_input_viewd.png.
    2. V012503X

      Surrounding text describes cafe_input_viewe.png.
  5. Field Length – Some of the Work Center inputs require a certain length to find the value in V012503X.

    Surrounding text describes cafe_input_viewf.png.
  6. Justification – Valid values are:

    • L – Left Justified

    • R – Right Justified

    • Blank – No Justification

    Surrounding text describes cafe_input_viewg.png.

6.4 Additional Information About the Work Center CafeOne Application Setup

  • The error for the row you selected generally displays at the bottom after the system finds the parent and the other children to the parent.

  • The system only finds 100 records at the top level from the parent. There may be more errors that are not being displayed. The Work Center (P012503X) displays more records than the previous Work Center (P012503).

  • If only the Report/Version or Report input variables are populated, the Work Center application displays an input Date. The default date is one week back from the current week. If you change the default date, the system uses the date until you close the browser (IE, Firefox, Chrome, and so on).

  • If a Work Center Input is populated from CafeOne, then no date box displays. The system finds the most recent records matching the input passed from the application.

  • For some applications when they first start, no data is passed to the Work Center Input, so the date box displays until you select a row. To resolve this issue, you can create a setting in CafeOne to only display if a certain parameter is met.