A Interoperability Interface Table Information

This appendix contains the following topics:

A.1 Interoperability Interface Table Information

This section provides a table that lists applications that have interoperability features.

Program Interface Table (Z table) Input Subsystem Batch Process Input Processor Batch Process Extraction Batch Process Revisions Program Purge Batch Process Program with POs
Financials N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Address Book F0101Z2 R01010Z - ZJDE0002 R01010Z - ZJDE0001 N/A P0101Z1 R0101Z1P P0100041
Customer Master F03012Z1 R03010Z - ZJDE0002 R03010Z - ZJDE0001 N/A P0301Z1 R0101Z1P P0100042
Supplier Master F0401Z1 R04010Z - ZJDE0002 R04010Z - ZJDE0001 N/A P0401Z1 R0101Z1P P0100043
A/R Invoice F03B11Z1, F0911Z1, F0911Z1T R03B11Z1A R03B11Z1A - ZJDE0001 N/A P03B11Z1 R03B11Z1P N/A
A/P Invoice F0411Z1, F0911Z1 R04110Z - ZJDE0002 R04110Z - ZJDE0001 N/A P0411Z1 R0411Z1P N/A
Payment Order with Remittance F0413Z1, F0414Z1 N/A N/A N/A P0413Z1 R0413Z1 P0413M
Journal Entry F0911Z1, F0911Z1T R09110Z - ZJDE0005 R09110Z - ZJDE0002 N/A P0911Z1 R0911Z1P N/A
Fixed Asset Master F1201Z1, F1217Z1 R1201Z1I - XJDE0002 R1201Z1I - XJDE0001 R1201Z1X P1201Z1 R1201Z1P P1201
Account Balance F0902Z1 N/A N/A N/A P0902Z1 R0902ZP N/A
Batch Cash Receipts F03B13Z1 N/A R03B13Z1I - ZJDE0001 N/A N/A N/A N/A
Payroll Time Entry F06116Z1 R05116Z1I R05116Z1I - ZJDE0001 N/A P05116Z1 R05116Z1P N/A
Distribution N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Purchase Order F4301Z1, F4311Z1 R4311Z1I - XJDE0002 R4311Z1I - XJDE0001 N/A P4311Z1 R4301Z1P P4310
Outbound Purchase Receipts F43121Z1 N/A N/A N/A P43121Z1 R43121Z1P P4312
Receipt Routing F43092Z1 R43092Z1I - XJDE0002 R43092Z1I - ZJDE0001 N/A P43092Z1 R43092Z1P P43250
Outbound Sales Order F4201Z1, F4211Z1, F49211Z1 N/A N/A N/A P4211Z1 R4211Z1P P4210
Outbound Shipment Confirmation F4201Z1, F4211Z1, F49211Z1 N/A N/A N/A P4211Z1 R4211Z1P P4205
Logistics N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Cycle Counts F4141Z1 R4141Z1I R4141Z1I - ZJDE0001 N/A P4141Z1 R4141Z1P N/A
Item Master F4101Z1, F4101Z1A R4101Z1I R4101Z1I - ZJDE0001 N/A P4101Z1 N/A P4101
Item Cost F4105Z1 N/A R4105Z1I - XJDE0001 N/A P4105Z1 R4105Z1P P4105
Warehouse Confirmations (Suggestions) F4611Z1 R4611Z1I R4611Z1I - ZJDE0001 N/A P4611Z1 R4611Z1P N/A
Manufacturing N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Work Order Header F4801Z1 Use Work Order Completions Use Work Order Completions R4101Z1O P4801Z1 R4801Z1P P48013
Work Order Parts List F3111Z1 Use Planning Messages Use Planning Messages N/A P4801Z1 R3111Z1P P3111
Work Order Routing F3112Z1 Use Planning Messages Use Planning Messages R4801Z2X P4801Z1 R3112Z1P P3112
Work Order Employee Time Entry F31122Z1 R31122Z1I - XJDE0002 R31122Z1I - XJDE0001 N/A P31122Z1 R31122Z1 P311221
Work Order Inventory Issues F3111Z1 R31113Z1I - ZJDE0002 R31113Z1I - ZJDE0001 N/A P3111Z1 R3111Z1P N/A
Work Order Completions F4801Z1 R31114Z1I - XJDE0002 R31114Z1I - XJDE0001 N/A P4801Z1 R4801Z1P N/A
Super Backflush F3112Z1 R31123Z1I R31123Z1I - ZJDE0001 N/A P3112Z1 R3112Z1P N/A
Bill of Material F3002Z1 R3002Z1I - ZJDE0002 R3002Z1I - ZJDE0001 N/A P3002Z1 R3002Z1P P3002
Routing Master F3003Z1 R3003Z1I - ZJDE0002 R3003Z1I - ZJDE0001 N/A P3003Z1 R3003Z1P P3003
Work Center Master F30006Z1 R30006Z1I - ZJDE0002 R30006Z1I - ZJDE0001 N/A P30006Z1 R30006Z1P P3006
Work Day Calendar F0007Z1 R0007Z1I - XJDE0002 R0007Z1I - XJDE0001 N/A P0007Z1 R0007Z1P P00071
Planning Messages F3411Z1 R3411Z1I - ZJDE0002 R3411Z1I - ZJDE0001 N/A P3411Z1 R3411Z1P N/A
Detail Forecast F3460Z1 R3460Z1I - XJDE0002 R3460Z1I - XJDE0001 N/A P3460Z1 R3460Z1P P3460, R3465, R34650 (Each done individually)
Kanban Transactions F30161Z1 R30161Z1I - XJDE0002 R30161Z1I - XJDE0001 N/A P30161Z1 R30161Z1P N/A