This image shows a sample published business service package structure. The published business service package structure is built using JDeveloper and OMW naming conventions. The published business service package structure is a tree hierarchy that contains the information for a specific published business service. This image shows a portion of the tree structure for the published business service project JP010000. The structure consists of the following:Application sources node: A folder that holds the source information for developing the published business service. This folder is open and shows the project node.Project node: In this image, the project name is JP010000. This package is open and shows the following:A closed diagrams package.An open value object package that shows icons that hold the java code for these value objects: AddAddressBook, Address, AddressBook, AddressCodes, CategoryCodes, Classifications, CompletePhone, ConfirmAddAddressBook, ElectronicAddress, Entity, EntityAddress, GetAddressBook, Phone, RelatedAddress, ShowAddressBook,Statistics, Stock, and UserReservedData.An icon that holds the AddressBookManager Java code.