This image shows a sample structure of a value object called AddAddressBook. The value object structure is shown as a hierarchy. The hierarchy consists of the value object name, one component block, three compound blocks, and fields. Components, compounds and fields are textually defined immediately following this image. This image shows the value object name, AddAddressBook, at the top of the hierarchy. The following three fields are shown under the AddAddressBook value object name: entityName, entityTypeCode, and version. Next in the hierarchy is a component block called EntityAddress, which contains compound blocks that are named Entity and Address. The Entity compound block contains these three fields: entityId, entityLongId, and entityTaxId. The Address compound block contains these fields: mailingName, addressLine1, addressLine2, addressLine3, addressLine4, city, countyCode, stateCode, postalCode, and countryCode. Next in the hierarchy but outside of the Component block is another compound block called Phones. The Phones compound block contains these three fields: phoneNumberType, phoneAreaCode, and phoneNumber.