5 Testing Notifications

You can test a notification directly from the notification design page as you are designing it. You simply use the Test button, which also enables you to enter input values and select whether to dispatch notifications.


Before you test a notification that uses an orchestration, you should test the orchestration separately to ensure it is working properly before it's used within a notification.

See "Testing Orchestrations" in the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Tools Orchestrator Guide for more information on testing orchestrations.

To test a notification:

  1. After creating and saving your notification on the notification design page, click the Test button.

    A list of notification inputs appears.

  2. In the Value column, enter the input value that you would like to use for your test.

  3. If you would like to send the notification message to subscribers, turn on the Dispatch Notifications option and enter any inputs.

    If you would like to test the logic of the notification and its components without sending a notification message, you can leave this option off.


    To dispatch notifications, there must be at least one subscription to the notification. If not, an error will be returned. Therefore, if you are creating a new notification, go to the Subscription Manager in EnterpriseOne and create a subscription for yourself before you test it.

    Also, if Allow Subscriber Overrides is enabled and you choose to dispatch notifications, the inputs are disabled since the subscriber overrides are used.

  4. Click the Execute button to run the notification test.

    If the notification contains a Watchlist, you see the values returned from the Watchlist.

    If the notification has an orchestration, you see the values returned from the orchestration.

    However, if you have Dispatch Notifications turned on, you only see true and false values to indicate that the notification message was sent. You can check your email, Work Center, or the Notifications List from the EnterpriseOne menu bar to view the actual notification message. Where this message appears depends on how you defined the delivery method for your subscription.

    If there is a problem with your notification, you may see errors returned from the test.