activity rule

The criteria by which an object progresses from one given point to the next in a flow.

EnterpriseOne object

A reusable piece of code that is used to build applications. Object types include tables, forms, business functions, data dictionary items, batch processes, business views, event rules, versions, data structures, and media objects.


An alternative data dictionary item description that JD Edwards EnterpriseOne appears based on the product code of the current object.

JDeveloper Project

An artifact that JDeveloper uses to categorize and compile source files.

Object Librarian

A repository of all versions, applications, and business functions reusable in building applications. Object Librarian provides check-out and check-incapabilities for developers, and it controls the creation, modification, and use of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne objects. Object Librarian supports multiple environments (such as production and development) and enables objects to be easily moved from one environment to another.


In JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, a virtual container for objects being developed in Object Management Workbench.


A complete description of a JD Edwards EnterpriseOne object. Each object has its own specification, or name, which is used to build applications.

vocabulary override

An alternate description for a data dictionary item that appears on a specific JD Edwards EnterpriseOne form or report.