This image shows the Rule design page with the Groovy radio button selected. The purpose of the image is to show the logging results in the Logging area. Specifically, the following information in the logging is highlighted:

START Vineyard History Rule
averagePrecip .5
averageLow 44
averageHigh 69.6
soilMoisture .5
qpfDay0 0.06
qpfDay1 0.97
qpfDay2 .5

The results in the Logging area is based on the values entered in the Input and Test Values columns in the Test area grid on the Rules design page, which is shown in the image and contains these input rows:

First row: Input = averagePrecip; Test Value = .5

Second row: Input = averageLow; Test Value = 44

Third row: Input = averageHigh; Test Value = 69.6