activity rule

The criteria by which an object progresses from one given point to the next in a flow.


An abbreviation for the Composite Application Framework.


Tables of information in EnterpriseOne that appear on forms in the software.

composite application framework

A user interface framework that enables EnterpriseOne applications to integrate with multiple third-party contents and applications, as well as other EnterpriseOne applications.

edit mode

A condition of a form that enables users to change data.

fast path

A command prompt that enables the user to move quickly among menus and applications by using specific commands.

processing option

A data structure that enables users to supply parameters that regulate the running of a batch program or report. For example, you can use processing options to specify default values for certain fields, to determine how information appears or is printed, to specify date ranges, to supply runtime values that regulate program execution, and so on.


An abbreviation for query by example. In EnterpriseOne, the QBE line is the top line on a detail area that is used for filtering data.


Found on EnterpriseOne menus, a selection represents functions that you can access from a menu. To make a selection, type the associated number in the Selection field and press Enter.


A coding technique that enables an administrator to manipulate site-specific variables that affect the execution of a given process.

visual assist

Forms that can be invoked from a control via a trigger to assist the user in determining what data belongs in the control.

vocabulary override

An alternate description for a data dictionary item that appears on a specific EnterpriseOne form or report.