The Front Desk>Accounts option is used to open house accounts at the property for guests. The Accounts option can be used to bill charges to a posting master. For example, a guest may wish to pay some charges separately from his room bill, or a non- guest who is attending a convention at the property may need to pay convention charges; in either case, a house account could be used.  A house account is charged like any other folio.

Provide the following information on the Accounts screen and select the OK button. (The OK button is available only after you have entered all required information.)

Name. Last name of the guest. If there are potential matches for this name in the OPERA profiles, you are prompted whether you wish to make a selection.  If the name does not already exist in the OPERA database, a new profile is automatically created for the account. Select the ellipsis button to search for an existing profile.

First Name. First name of the guest.

Date From/To. By default, the account will be valid for one day only (the current business date). The current date appears in both fields. You may enter future dates if you wish.

Room Type. Select the down arrow to choose the room type for this account. Room types designated as Pseudo Room Type on the Room Types screen (e.g., posting masters) are available from the LOV.

Room. This field is auto- populates with the first available room number for the selected room type. To manually choose a room, select the down arrow to choose the room for the account. The Available Rooms Search screen appears, showing rooms of the selected room type.

Rate Code. Select the down arrow to choose a rate code for the account. This field is mandatory if the Reservations>Rate Code Mandatory application parameter is set to Y.

Market Code. Select the down arrow to choose a market code for the guest from the drop-down list. This is  used to maintain statistics of market segments.

Source Code. Select the down arrow to choose a source code for the account.  This is used to maintain statistics of source of business.

When you select OK, you are prompted whether you wish to check the guest in.