About Profiles

Information about the people and companies you do business with — what we call profiles — plays a part in almost all the activities you perform using OPERA.  PMS, S&C, QMS and ORS functionality relies on reliable, current, and consistent data that includes not only names, mailing and email addresses, and phone numbers, but a host of other particulars such as language, preferences, credit card details, loyalty program memberships, negotiated rates, and much more.  Profiles are also the basis for collecting indispensable management data such as stay histories and revenue details.

A profile is a collection of data about any of the following entities, each of which is a separate profile "type":

Individuals. This profile type is primarily associated with guests, although other persons (such as your employees) may also have an individual profile. Having guest profiles on hand allows you to make reservations quickly and accurately because you already have on record many of the details you need to know.

Contacts. Contacts are people who serve as an interface between your staff and a guest or business account.  Reliable contact information can be key in quickly resolving questions and making decisions. Contacts have a double identity in OPERA — each contact also has an individual type profile.

Companies. These are the businesses who book catering functions with your property, the businesses who sponsor guest reservations, the vendors who provide goods and services to your property, and so on.

Travel Agents. Sometimes simply called "agents," these are the professionals who book business at your property for the guests who are their clients. Travel agent profiles are important in managing relationships and in handling the commissions you pay these accounts.

Sources. Sources are other persons or organizations who are not travel agents but who are nevertheless responsible for bringing in business. Sources can be, for example, secretaries who make travel arrangements for their companies' executives.

Note: Profiles for a Company, Vendor, Travel Agent, or Source are also called Account Profiles. Account profiles are used for businesses with which properties have commercial dealings. For this reason, you will see the title "Account" on these profile screens.

Groups. A group is an affiliation that sponsors business at your property. Group business might include any (typically) one-time affair such as a family party or a wedding.

OPERA Profiles features include the following:

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