About Reservations

The Reservations module is central to OPERA PMS. From Reservations you may create new reservations, and search for, view, and modify existing reservations. As a key source of information, the reservation  specifies the guest's arrival date, departure date, room type, rate, packages, and many other details.  It is also a gateway to dozens of other OPERA functions that contribute to the guest's experience. For example, starting from the Reservation screen you can handle advance deposits; access guest, company, agent, and source profiles; perform guest billing functions; make room assignments; communicate with housekeeping; review and set up traces; schedule wake up calls; perform room moves; and more. If your system is configured for the waitlist function, you can access waitlisted reservations as well.

In addition to its importance to the individual guest, Reservations also offers group and block features. You can use the group options to reserve rooms for groups, create rooming lists, assign rooms to group members and perform a group check-in. Blocks, or allotment reservations, can be created and picked up by group members.

OPERA Reservations includes timesaving functions, such as:

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