Reservation Delete Option

The Delete option allows you to remove a reservation which is not "active" — that is, a reservation which is not Checked In or Checked Out.

Note: You may not delete a reservation that has a deposit posted until you first reconcile the deposit in the Cashiering module (Cashiering>Billing).

Note: A No Show or Cancelled reservation that has financial postings and no balance on the reservation may be deleted. If such a reservation is deleted, all the financial postings on any of the guest billing windows are transferred to a default posting room. If a default posting room is not configured / checked in, then you are prompted that a default posting room is not checked in and the reservation cannot be deleted.

Note: A reservation with Pre-Stay Charge privilege cannot be deleted if there are financial charges with a bill no, for example a folio has been generated for it.

This option might be used, for example, when you have entered a reservation by mistake, or when you have made errors in entering a reservation and would prefer to start over rather than make corrections.

When you delete a reservation, no record of the reservation is saved in the guest, agent or company history. However, the delete action is recorded in the User Activity Log .

To delete a reservation, select the Delete button from the Reservation Options menu. (The Reservation Options menu is accessible from the Reservation screen or from the Reservation Search screen .) A message prompts you to confirm your decision, "Are you sure you want to delete the reservation?"  Select Yes to delete the reservation. Select No if you decide not to delete the reservation.

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