Player Statistics

The Player Statistics feature is available when the OPERA Gaming Interface is installed. The OPERA Gaming Interface requires an active Comp Accounting license (OPP GCA) and an interface between OPERA and the resort's PTS (Patron Tracking System), which includes all external interfaces where the SYSTEM_TYPE = 'OG-GAMING' (e.g., OPX GA2, OPX_BALL, OPX_ACRS, OPX_ARIS, OPX_CMS400, OPX_DRS, OPX_KONAMI and others).

The Player Statistics screen provides an up-to-the-minute display of gaming information for a guest who has a player ID.

Note: Guests have a player ID if their profiles are associated with the membership program specified by the Comp Accounting application setting PTS Membership Type.

The data is drawn from the PTS and the display is view-only. What data is displayed depends of the PTS brand used by the property. The property may select up to 30 data items for display.

To access the Player ID Statistics screen, select the Player Stats button from the Profile Options menu. (To open the Profile Options menu, select the Options button from the guest's Profile screen.) You may also select the Player Stats button from the Player Snapshot screen. When you select the Player Stats button, OPERA prompts you for your Authorizer login information.

The information shown is current at the time the Player Stats button is selected from the Profile Options menu or Player Snapshot screen. Re-select the Player Stats button to refresh the screen data.

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