Generate Export Data

Exports can be manually generated from the Export Files screen (Miscellaneous>File Export or Configuration>External>Export Files). Highlight your choice of export and select the Generate button from the Export File List screen to display the Export File Types screen.

Note: Should a property have the OPP_PMS license active, OPP_S&C license active, OPP_BO add-on license inactive, OPP_EXP add-on license inactive, OPP_ESM add-on license inactive, OPP_COM add-on license active, Commission>Positive Pay Check Export application parameter is inactive, and Exports>Country Export application function is inactive, the Configuration menu option for External will no longer display without any menu options.

Select the Generate button. The message 'Data Generated. Do you want to view generated data?' displays.

Click Yes to view the generated data (see View Export Data for details) or No to return to the Export File List screen.

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