Generating and Exporting Coupon Codes

This procedure shows you how to generate unique coupon codes that are linked to a promotion code and export these coupons as a batch export file. When coupon codes are generated for a promotion, they can be distributed to select guests as part of a loyalty or rewards program. The selected guests can then use these coupons when making a reservation through the Web or directly with central reservations or the hotel. When a guest calls to make a reservation, this unique coupon code can be given the agent who can enter the code in the Coupon field of the ORS Sales Screen-Define Search, Reservation, or F5 Rate Query screens. After entering the coupon code, the promotion code will be populated in the Promotions field.

To generate coupon codes linked to a promotion code, follow the steps below:

Enabling the Promotion Coupon Codes Application Parameter

  1. Go to Rates>Parameters>Promotion Coupon Codes and set the application parameter to Y to enable the coupon codes based on promotion code functionality.


Setup the Limited Use Promotion Code

  1. Go to Setup>System Configuration>Rate Management>Promotions>Promotion Codes>New, the Promotion Codes-New screen opens.
  2. Complete the following fields for the Promotion Code: Promotion Group, Promotion Code, Limited Use (select check box, Coupons button is now available), Name, Instructions (optional), Description (optional), Booking Start Date, End Date, Stay Start Date, End Date, Checkin Time (optional), Checkout Time (optional), Upgrade Allowed (optional), and Information (optional).
  3. Select OK button.

Generating Coupon Codes to Link to the Promotion Code

  1. On the Promotion Codes grid, highlight the promotion code that was just created and select the Edit button.
  2. On the Promotion Codes-Edit screen, select the Coupons button. This opens an OPERA screen to setup and generate the linked coupon codes.
  3. On the OPERA screen, complete the following fields:

    Generation Option. Select the down arrow and choose a generation option for the coupon. The following options are available: Alpha-Numeric, Alpha, Numbers, or Custom.

    Generate Number of Coupons. Enter the number of coupons you wish to generate.

    Coupon Length. (Unavailable when "Custom" is selected for the generation option.) Select the down arrow and choose a character length for the coupon code. You can choose a character length between 8 to 20 characters.

    Prefix. (Only available when "Custom" is selected for the generation option.) Enter the prefix you want to use for the coupon code.

    Suffix. (Only available when "Custom" is selected for the generation option.) Enter the suffix you want to use for the coupon code.

    Exclude Characters. (Only available when "Custom" is selected for the generation option.) Enter the characters you want to exclude from the coupon code. You can separate the characters with a comma.

    Format. (Only available when "Custom" is selected for the generation option.) Enter a supported character format. The supported characters are listed in the pane above this field. These are U - For Upper Alpha Characters, X - For Upper Alpha Numeric Characters, or N - For Numbers.

  4. Select the Generate button. The Status area gives you a count of the number of Coupons generated as well as the batch code for the generation.


Exporting the Batch Coupon Codes File

  1. On the above OPERA screen, select the View button. This opens a screen to allow the export of the batch code that was generated for the linked coupon codes.
  2. On the Batch Codes screen, highlight the Batch Code in the grid that you want to export and select the Export Batch button. This opens an Export Template screen.
  3. From the Export Template screen, highlight the template to be used for the export and select the OK button. This opens the Export File Types screen.
  4. From the Export File Types screen, you will see your file type displayed in the Main File Type field. Select the Generate button.
  5. Select Yes to view the generated data. Refer to screens below.