Housekeeping - Room Instructions and Turndown

To display the Room Instructions screen, the user must be granted the Reservations>Housekeeping Attributes user permission and must select the Housekeeping button from the Reservation Options menu. (The Reservation Options menu is accessible from the Reservation screen or from the Reservation Search screen .)

The information entered on the Room Instructions screen is reported on selected Housekeeping task sheets. These reports are used by the Housekeeping supervisor when making room assignments to the Housekeeping staff.

Provide the following information:

Room Instructions. Enter any special instructions, for example, "Polyfill pillow" or "Turn thermostat to 73 degrees F."

Turndown. Available when the Rooms Management>Turndown application function is set to Y. Select this check box to indicate that this guest wishes turndown service. Selecting the Turndown check box will apply to the entire reservation stay.

Note: Turndown can also be associated directly with a room through room configuration (Configuration> Reservations> Room Classifications>Rooms; see Rooms Edit - Rooms Tab for details). If the Turndown option is selected for the room via room configuration, the Turndown check box is automatically selected on the Room Instructions screen.

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